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Our Guide to Garment Care

Hey y'all, 

As a lover of mixing high and low items, I love for my in-expensive pieces to last long enough for me to wear them over and over and not show their age. It saves money and also saves me from having to say goodbye to my fave items knowing I wont find them again (thanks fast-fashion). So here is a quick guide to keeping your fast-fashion items looking good and feeling good for a long time.

Taking care of your garments is extremely important, obviously. But this goes for ALL garments; meaning your high-end AND in-expensive pieces. The key to keeping your pieces in good condition for a long time is making sure to wash, dry, and store them appropriately. Now, lets get into some tips to maintaining your garments:

First, let's start with washing your garments. I am an avid Tide user (specifically, Tide Free + Gentle and Tide Clean and Fresh) but prior to Tide Free + Gentle, I would always recommend a gentle detergent (i.e baby detergent) for cotton items as Tide Original is generally more abrasive in my opinion. However, Tide Free + Gentle is free of dyes and perfumes and is even said to be safe for baby clothes so this works for me and I noticed a difference in my darker cotton garments when I made the switch to this Tide. When washing your garments, going for warm to cold water is always best. I know the germaphobe in all of us (especially during these times) wants us to use hot water to rid our clothing of germs but it can be damaging for clothing fibers and can 'wash out' the color on darker items. For cotton items, it can overtime fry the fibers so your pieces are no longer soft they will start to feel crunchy. For polyester, it can begin to melt the fabric and make it rigid. For Spandex, it can cause the items to loose its shape and color. 

Secondly, let's get into drying your garments. So drying is equally as important as washing your pieces. I personally opt for hang drying everything except my undergarments and bathroom/kitchen towels (so mildew doesn't set in). If you aren't up to hanging all your wet clothes up and waiting patiently for them to dry, most garments can be dried on a gentle setting with warm to cool temperatures. Drying properly allows you to not only keep your garments for a long time but it maintains the quality of the garment. It allows you to maintain the shape and color of the garment so that it looks like newer for longer. Always make sure to follow the instructions on the garment tags!

Lastly, let's get into garment storage. So if your anything like me, you probably stuff most of your tops into drawers and fold up your bottoms so they take up less space in your closet. While stuffing tops into drawers doesn't decrease the longevity of the garments life, sometimes having to iron or steam them each and every time you want to wear it does. Sometimes too much applied heat isn't good. So for garments that crease easily and your faux leather garments, consider hanging them up vs. putting them in a drawer. It'll allow you to avoid ironing/steaming which will in turn allow you to keep your garments longer. 

In conclusion, your garments longevity depends on how you care for them. Love on your pieces and they will love you back.