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FMC's Wholesale Model


Ahhh the wonderful world of wholesale! 

There are many factors that come into play when running a wholesale business. My top three important factors when considering a wholesaler are:

1. Quality of the items 

2. Style of the items

3. Reputation of the wholesaler matches your brand 


Whenever I find a vendor that I want to work with, I always do a test run of the item to test the quality. For example, I wear and wash the sample prior to making it available for purchase. This allows me to get ahead of potential customer complaints but it also allows me to see any other qualities the clothing may have that I may not have noticed at first glance. For example, the Fuzzy Collection which featured a dress and two-piece top and skirt, when washed would not only bounce back to its original state it would become a lot softer after being washed. Amazing! 

Once I test the clothing, this makes it easier for me to build trust with the vendors and makes me more confident in selling the item to my customers. 

Making sure the style of the items matches my brand 

Whenever I scout new wholesalers, I always look for items that fit my stores' aesthetic and items that my customers want rather than styles that I think will sell due to popularity. Let me explain. Being an online boutique that uses the wholesale business model, it is very likely other brands may carry the same or similar items as me from time to time. With that being said, as a wardrobe stylist, unique and eye-catching pieces are more important to me than trendy items that can be seen all over Instagram (nothing against any boutique that primarily focuses on trends but that isn't me nor is it my brand). 

My business is the result of my eye for unique pieces and my love for creating a unique style for my clients and that is what I aim to provide for my customers who shop with FMC.

Vendor Reputation

This one is more from a moral perspective (and of course a professional one as well). When I say vendor reputation, I mean I dont want to see anything morally wrong with how you manufacture your clothing or how you do business (i.e kids in factories or over charging smaller businesses). Im a big believer in energy transference and I dont want any negativity that comes from the vendor's brand being transferred to me due to them being morally negligent. From a professional standpoint, I dont want to see any vendors with bad reviews associated with untimely shipping, items missing from shipment, etc. 

In conclusion, this how we go about finding wonderful vendors with great products for our customers. It takes time and patience but when you find a gem, the customer wins.