Fast Fashion Doesn't Have to be .. Fleeting

We've always been under the impression that the cute top from H&M may only last a few washes or those cute pants from Forever21 may only even last one wear and then mysteriously rip. And while this may be true in most cases, fast fashion has come a long way in recent years. Some fast fashion brands have incorporated things like better (and more sustainable) materials into their manufacturing, better quality stitching to ensure quality and longevity, and better manufacturing practices overall to provide consumers with the best product possible.

This brings me to one of our favorite pieces our curated collection, the Julie LBD. This dress has one of my favorite features a dress can possibly have, double lining. Double lining is GREAT because it gives the garment additional warmth and enhanced performance. This means while the dress is a midi style, it can be worn in cooler weather and will last A WHILE. And while these are just some of the benefits of the double lined Julie LBD, another one is that it also allows the dress to lay more neatly on the body and appear more opaque (so no one can see whats under it). 


Check out the Julie LBD below along with some style tips!